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Numerology the Romance in Your Name download

Numerology the Romance in Your Name. Juno Jordan

Numerology the Romance in Your Name
ISBN: 9780875162270 | 362 pages | 10 Mb

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Numerology the Romance in Your Name Juno Jordan
Publisher: DeVorss & Company

Basic numbers are [] Humanitarian, socially conscious, idealistic, utopian, open minded, egalitarian, sharing, romantic. These are calculated using birthday numerology. Numerology The Romance In Your Name Juno Jordan. The second three numbers - your power name, soul expression, and hidden desires - numbers are calculated using name numerology. Example: This is a going to be a slow month with strong romantic possibilities. Numerology: The Romance in Your Name. They do not understand the physical sheath healthy & removing all mental blocks and opening all these may be related to accusations of rape and sexual assault. When it comes to numerology, youíre lucky numbers come from two sources: your date of birth and your name. When it comes to Numerology, however, a great disservice has been perpetrated against a proud, historical tradition. The impure science of numerology also has its own lucky systems for picking lottery numbers. To find your own personal month: add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below. It is a year of stability and manifesting your thoughts and dreams into reality as well as embracing romantic and all other relationships in your life. It is the number of nurturing and taking on responsibility. Jordan's seminal work “The Romance in Your Name”27. The universal June numerology forecast indicates that this month you will have more vitality than in May and will have strong creative urges. The number information in italics is for the current month's universal forecast. Book Summary of Numerology: The Romance in Your Name (Paperback)by Juno Jordan Book features numbers / names and how they relate to life and love. Open publication – Free publishing – More fitness Numerology uses the numerical equation of your name and date of birth to determine the selection of numbers that reflect who you are, what you are destined to achieve and the obstacles that may present themselves to you over the course of your life. The results were published in Dr. If you wish to tune your Birth Name Vibrations, you should read them, to get guidance and clear your doubts.

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